MaBo_Shoelace holder







How to tighten and loosen shoelaces


*   How to tighten shoelaces

1. Hold both parts near most shoelace holder.

2. Pull them away from the holder.

3. (Hit the holder gently with thumb, if necessary)


*   How to loosen shoelaces

1. Squeeze open the holder gently with thumb,       index finger, middle finger of one hand.

2. Pull it up.



How to set up


1.  Feed shoelace into center hole  in an upward     direction.

2.  Feed the lace into next hole  in a downward     direction.

3.  Feed the lace into side hole from inside to     outside.

4.  Feed the lace into front hole from inside to      outside.     

5.  Before the lace complely goes out of the front      hole,

    hook the lace over the little bar,

    so that the loops may look like a bow tie.